Jul/Aug 2016

CMMI - The Agile Way

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From the Sponsor
by Michael Jennings
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The Way Forward: A Strategy for Harmonizing Agile and CMMI
by Don O'Neill
To what extent is Agile or CMMI at the tipping point and why?
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CMMI the Agile Way in Constrained and Regulated Environments
by Paul E. McMahon
Today organizations are questioning if the CMMI is still relevant as they move to more popular agile approaches, such as Scrum.
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How L-3 Leveraged the CMMI for Services to Drive Cultural Change and Business Growth
by John Ryskowski, Dianne Tolliver and Jeremy Williams
The story of a group that used the CMMI for services (CMMI-SVC) to help create a small and powerful business capture organization that demonstrated impressive results in their first three years (from $87M to $1.5B).
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Applying Agile Methods to Software Sustainment
by Harold Lowery, Carl Carhuff and Phillip Rowan
Experiences in introducing Agile practices along with Art of the Possible methods in the F-15 Avionics Integration Support Facility (AISF) at Robins Air Force Base.
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The Disciplined Agile Framework: A Pragmatic Approach to Agile Maturity
by Scott W. Ambler and Mark Lines
It is possible to combine Agile and Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI), but few organizations are doing this in practice.
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Agile 5 – Using High Maturity CMMI Practices to Improve Agile Processes and Achieve Predictable Results
by Deepti Sharma, Nishi Narula, Djindo Lee andTheron R. Leishman
A case study on combining Scrum and CMMI Level 5 to significantly improve the delivery rate of product capabilities while maintaining a high level of quality and employee satisfaction.
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by David A. Cook,
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